Good Morning all... Herbie here and getting bigger! Won’t be much longer and I’ll be in search of a home of my own. Keep your eyes peeled cause it will happen fast! Happy Caturday!😋 ... See MoreSee Less

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Our little Teeling is not thriving the past few days and we are very concerned for her. She is need of a lot of supportive care at this time and we could use all the prayers and good thoughts that you all could send her way.

Kittens sometimes unexpectedly struggle, especially bottle babies, but we want to give her every chance. Please keep her in your thoughts these next few days as we try to get her back on track.

We are hopeful to have her seen by our vet today and to have some diagnostics to see what we are up against. We will keep you all updated.
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Our little princess, Giselle, won the hearts of her family when her sweet personality shined as she promptly brought a toy right over to share! Following suit, Giselle’s brother, Pierre, turned on his charm as well and started purring up a storm! He wiggled his tail, made some biscuits, and won their hearts just as well!

So how do you choose when there are two adorable, lovey kittens vying for your affection!? The answer is you don’t!

This adoring couple decided to expand their furry family by 2! Giselle and Pierre will have a big kitty sibling to show them the ropes as well as their loving new parents. Congratulation Ford Family, we are so happy for you all!

Have a happy life sweet babies!😘
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3 days ago

House of Broken Cookies


Remember these sweet faces from a few weeks ago!? Well not only have the faces grown into the most adorable little kittens, but they have names too!😄

We would like to formally introduce you to Irish, Paddy, Dingle, & Teeling who are growing into the cutest, most loving kittens ever! It’s only a matter of time before they will be available for adoption, so be on the lookout!😆
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Our sweet, tiny girl Anu had a rather productive vet appointment this week. As you know, while Anu is seemingly healthy otherwise, she is extremely small and not catching up in size to her playmates. While she shows no other symptoms, we want to be proactive and have some tests run and see what we can find out!

While we are going to schedule Anu with a specialist, we are getting some baseline tests done beforehand so that we can go in with more information. We held off on x-rays until she is a little bit bigger, but we did have a full panel bloodwork done and an ultrasound. This came to a whopping total of $300😳 we know... our bills are never ending😭 but ever penny helps us to do what we do!

We should have results soon for her blood panel and will update you then! You can donate to Anu’s care at...

VENMO: @HOBC-rescue

Grow big and strong, little girl!
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