Chester is one of House of Broken Cookies forever fosters who you might remember showed up on our fosters doorstep 2 years ago on the brink of death. Chester had a very severe upper respiratory and tested positive for both FIV and FELV, pitting all the odds against him. With his immune system so compromised, we weren’t sure he would make it. Chester surprised us all and made a beautiful recovery.

Chester has not been eating well and his fosters had become very concerned with his change in behavior. We were able to get him to the vet yesterday to find he had lost a whole two pounds and after bloodwork found he now has kidney disease😞 our sweet, happy boy has been dealt some of the toughest cards and we want so badly to get him through this.

Chester was immediately hospitalized and is on fluids in hopes of yet another recovery. His FELV and FIV status make this especially hard for him once again, but he is already beginning to show some interest in food and he is a fighter!

Chester deserves every day of life he can get and his foster family desperately wants more time with him. We are very worried, but have high hopes that this boy will beat the odds once again. He has lived a very full and happy life as a forever HOBC foster and his family has stepped up for him time and time again.

Kitten season has just begun and we have already been hit hard with medical. Chesters bill is currently at $462 and he may require up to 3 days of hospitalization. Any help to pull him through would be so greatly appreciated.

Fight through, Chester. You can do it!

VENMO: @HOBC-rescue
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Yesterday morning we were made aware of a 10 mo old Mom at the Carson Shelter that gave birth during the night.
We contacted them immediately and were informed she had given birth to 6 babies who were premature. Sadly 4 of those babies were either stillborn or died before the shelter staff arrived.

We were asked if we could help and we immediately contacted one of our fosters and hurried over to the shelter to rescue this mom and her 2 remaining babies.

Mom is really scared and we believe it may be her first litter. She has no idea what to do and unfortunately will not have anything to do with these babies. While we have been bottle feeding and supplementing the babies sadly this morning we lost the little boy. We are hopeful that the tiniest little one will stay with us as she seems to be quite a fighter.

We ask that you please keep this precious baby and her beautiful but scared momma in your thoughts and prayers.
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Our sweet Kamilah had a very rough day yesterday when she continued to give birth to 4 more stillborn babies😞 Rest In Peace little ones.😢

Kamilah was very confused by what was going on, so her foster mama cleaned her up and brought her to her own room for extra snuggles and attention.

Kamilah is already seemingly back to her loving self and just needed some TLC to get her through this difficult experience. Kamilah will be visiting the vet tomorrow for a check up and to ensure everything is ok.

While we are saddened by this whole situation, Kamilah is very young and we are glad she can put this all behind her now. Sometimes things work out for the better and life may have given Kamilah exactly what she needed. A fresh start, time to be a kitten, explore the world on her own, and find a loving forever family.

Sometimes it’s just not meant to be, but what we are certain is meant to be is Kamilah’s lovingly bright future full of all the snuggles she can get!💗

Hang in there, Kamilah!
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3 days ago

House of Broken Cookies


While everyone is cooped up at home enjoying some wonderful one on one time with their fur babies, we’ve been receiving some fantastic updates from our previous adopters! Here’s yet another from our one and only BB King adopted back in 2018😍

“BB King and I have been thinking about you and your daughter. We hope you are both doing well during this crazy time. I am sooo thankful that I'm not home alone and that BB King keeps me company.”

Show us your isolation buddies and tell us how they’re helping you through this crazy time!😻
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Our pregnant momma Kamilah is resting quietly but gave us a little scare last night when she started giving birth about 10:30pm. It’s to soon for the babies to have their best chance. Sadly, the first kitten was stillborn and under developed. RIP a little one😢
As of this afternoon she has not had any more kittens and she appears to no longer be in labor and is back to her usual self.

If you recall the X-Rays last Sunday had indicated that one of the babies might not be developing the same as the others.
We’re hopeful her body was expelling the underdeveloped fetus to protect the others. It is not completely unusual for their to be a delay between the birth of kittens. We are hopeful it won’t happen to soon but all we can do is wait and see.

We contacted our vets to see what they recommended so as not to cause her undo stress. They are having us monitor her for now and if any thing goes awry we’ll be off to the vet ASAP.

Please keep our girl and her little family in your thoughts and prayers.
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