How do I look?????

Our handsome boy Crash is quite stunning, wouldn’t you agree?😗 This lovable guy is just stopping in to wish everyone a Fabulous Friday!😋

Crash, one of our more seasoned CH kitties, is always up for a photo op when he is not turning on the charm for visitors or playing with the other residents at his HOBC foster’s home.
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1 day ago

House of Broken Cookies


You know that we’ve been working tirelessly to understand Owen’s condition the best we can and act accordingly to give him the most comfortable life possible. Well, we’ve ran nearly every test and none has left us with a clear enough answer so we are now down to the wire. There is one last test remaining... but it’s a big one.

We’ve made the decision to move forward with a sedated procedure where a joint tap will be conducted on Owen & multiple cultures will be sent out to finally give us the best understanding that we could possibly have and provide us with a clear way to move forward.

Owen has proven to be one of the most resilient kitties we have ever encountered. Despite his discomfort, he spends every day so full of life and love and wins the hearts of everyone who encounters him. 5 minutes with Owen and you will see exactly why it is we do what we do here at House of Broken Cookies.

While we know Owen deserves our efforts to exhaust every last resource, we cannot do it without your help. This procedure and testing comes at a very big cost, $659.56 We know we owe it to him to offer every chance we can at a comfortable and happy life. Can you help us help him?

See link in bio to donate...

VENMO: @HOBC-rescue

Keep on shining bright Owen, we’re hoping for some answers soon! @ Long Beach, California
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Dingle Update...

And the journey continues... Our handsome boy Dingle had a visit at the vet on Tuesday so we could see where he is in regard to moving forward. Most everything looks good, coat shiny, eyes beautiful everything on the surface would appear he would be on his way to adoption...

However, it is the unknown status of what you can’t see that has Dingle continuing to remain under close watch of our vet and HOBC for a bit longer. Our wonderful vets would like Dingle to stay close for a few more tests to ensure his kidneys are functioning as they should...

We love this little cutie and want the best for his future so until we know more we will continue to shower him with love and affection.

Stay tuned... we will keep you posted...
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Look at this handsome guy! Our adorable Tommy, a CH kitten, was our last intake of 2020. This boy has proven to be an absolute cuddle bug and he will snuggle for hours on end!

Tommy was neutered at the end of December and he has made so much progress that we are ready to find this boy his forever home!😆 Tommy uses the litter box, he’s pretty much got it down, and he loves loves to eat!😋 He is still working on his climbing skills but nothing will stop him from playing and chasing balls! Tommy is ready to take on the world and live life to the fullest! Are you ready for this special boy to be apart of your life?

Applications can be found on our website

Or you can email us at:
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Excuse me.. I said no photos’ please!

Mystery is one of our forever fosters! She was rescued from the Carson shelter with her kittens in 2018 and although a very beautiful tabby we found that although she can co exist with humans she is not people friendly.

Mystery does however love the comfort of HOBC and often mothers some of the younger kitties who have graced us from time to time.

Once Mystery came under our care we made her a promise to ensure she would be safe. If you would like to sponsor one of our forever felines we would all be very grateful! 😊
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