Help needed for Jade


Today we were made aware of an injured kitten in someone’s garage with a possible broken leg. We couldn’t let her suffer and offered to help.

She was taken directly to our vet for evaluation, x-rays and possible bloodwork. She is safe and resting comfortably tonight. 
We have named her Jade. She is 9 wks old and although she is scared she is a very sweet girl and we will do everything we can to help her. We will update you when we have more information. 
If you can donate towards Jade’s medical care, please visit: ‪‬
You can also donate directly to Primary Care Animal Hospital at ‭(562) 274-7776

Your prayers for this sweet girl are very much appreciated.❤️

Duchess update



Duchess is still at the Southern California Veterinary Specialty Hospital and she is still receiving oxygen support. Duchess is now eating on her own so they were able to remove her IV catheter but she is still battling the pneumonia that was spread throughout her entire chest. 
They will be doing another set of X-rays today to see if there is any improvement. They will also begin to try and wean her from the oxygen.


Duchess is in her second full day in the critical care unit and will remain there until she is able to breathe comfortably on her own. Any and all donations are appreciated. This emergency is costing $1500-$2000.

You can donate directly to our rescue account at Southern California Veterinary Specialty Hospital at ‭(949) 833-9020‬
or thru our PayPal at

Thank you to those that have donated. 

Duchess emergency



We had to rush our sweet Duchess to the emergency vet last night as she was in respiratory distress .

X-rays showed she had pneumonia most likely related to aspiration during her spay procedure .
She has been placed in an oxygen chamber to ease up her breathing as well as IV and strong antibiotics to try and control the infection .

This emergency is going to cost us between $1500 to $2000 for which we are absolutely not prepared but we had no choice ….Duchess would die without medical help!
Any and all donations are appreciated and will make a difference .
You can donate directly to our rescue account at Southern California Veterinary Specialty Hospital at ‭(949) 833-9020‬
or thru our PayPal at

Duchess is very much in need of prayers this morning and we hope to see a change in the next 24h.

We will keep you posted on her progress .
Thank you for your help !

Georgie update

We are very sad to tell everyone that our little Georgie crossed the rainbow bridge. It was unexpected and very sudden.

Georgie was one of 5 BB’s that we helped rescue from the Carson Shelter a few weeks ago. Georgie had a congenital deformity involving his feet and his eyes so needless to say he became part of our family of Broken Cookies.

He refused to eat and was tube fed for several days. He soon decided a syringe would be better. He had a sweet soul but he could be quite stubborn.

Georgie seemed to be doing so well it was a shock to us all. He had no signs of illness. We rushed him to Primary in the early morning when we saw that he was in distress. Georgie died soon after. The vet believes it was his heart.💔

His time on this earth was short but it was full of love. He touched our hearts and will not be forgotten. 

Duke adopted!

Congratulations 🎉 to our very lovable Duke. He found a new family with 2 kids to play with, a new kitty friend and a dog. He is such a lucky boy. He’s off on a new adventure and we think it’s going to be a fabulous one.

Duke and his brother Prince were rescued when a volunteer contacted us late in the day from the Carson Shelter. They weren’t holding out a lot of hope as the babies were cold and not suckling well and were only one day old. We had the boys transported to us. It was slow going for a week or two but they began to thrive and grow.
Today they are healthy happy and exceptionally loving kittens.

Have a happy life sweet Duke!💕

Griffin adopted!

❤️Adoption Day!!
Our very handsome and exceptionally lovable Griffin was adopted. His new family fell in love from the moment they met him and he fell asleep in their arms.

Griffin and his siblings were rescued from a backyard in Long Beach when they were just 5 days old. Their mom Fiona, had developed a severe infection in her nipples and the babies weren’t doing well. We had to bottle feed them and it was touch and go for the first week as moms infection had affected all of the babies.

Griffin is the first of the litter to find his forever home. Have a happy life sweet boy!😘

Duke & Prince

Duke and his brother Prince are available for adoption. These two beautiful boys were rescued from the Carson Shelter at 1 day old. It was a bit of a struggle at first but they both have turned into fabulous, playful and very loving boys.

Quinn & Josie

These two beauties are Quinn and Josie. They are healthy girls who were found in a backyard when their mom left them behind after moving the rest of the litter. Look at those adorable faces! It will be 6-8 wks before ready for adoption. We’ll keep you updated on these two sweet lovable girls.

Fidget update

We would like to take a moment to update everyone about this little nugget who joined the House of Broken Cookies family a couple weeks ago. His name is Fidget.
When we received a call from the Carson Shelter about this little Angel we could not turn him away. He was out of time and still battling an upper respiratory and eye infection. Turns out he also had a severe ear infection.

This handsome soul fell right at home into our care. Fidget’s infections were all treated with great success but he continued to have fevers of unknown ideology and symptoms that we suspected may be related to a heart defect.

A trip back to the vet turned up a heart murmur but because of the fevers and how quickly he tires the vets are recommending an echocardiogram and blood work at the cost of $400. Both are scheduled for tomorrow.

Fidget is an amazing kitten. He has a strong will for play time and loves to keep up with his playmates. We hope these tests will shed some light as to what is going on with this sweet boy so he can be on the way to finding a forever home.

Any donations toward the cost of Fidgets care would be greatly appreciated.

Donations can be made directly at or by calling Primary Care Animal Hospital at (562) 274-7776


Welcome to House of Broken Cookies Rescue ❤️

After many months of putting our little endeavor together, we are finally ready to launch our rescue and shoot for the stars 🌟

We are a small all volunteer based organization focused on 
trauma cases and kittens/cats who would otherwise be discarded because their injuries are too severe.

We welcome you to our rescue world where all lives matter, especially the ones most challenged .

Keep following all our stories and share our hopes ❤️