Meet Bungee (amazing, smart, curious)

DOB 3/29/21

Meet our bouncing Bungee boy! Sweet Bungee is a bundle of fun and energy, and he literally bounces around! His congenital defects have caused deformity in his spine, but he has found a way to survive, thrive, and make life as adventurous as possible!

Bungee is a ball of energy! He loves to play and explore but also gives the best cuddles! This handsome boy can hold his ground and gets into his fair share of shenanigans! He also loves to sleep with you and cuddle right p next to you at night or for an afternoon nap.

Bungee will need an experienced adopter or someone who is willing to learn, as he needs help going to the bathroom due to his spinal deformities. Bungee is able to wear a diaper quite easily because he has no tail!
But he will have to be expressed at least 2 x a day. It is not difficult to learn and we will be right there to teach you, and to help whenever you have concerns.


Prior to adoption, all cats have the following services: *Spay or Neuter *3 in 1 Vaccination *De-wormed *Treated for fleas *Tested for FIV/FELV *Micro-Chipped