Polar was a sweet soul. She arrived at 3 weeks old with a terrible upper respiratory and was immediately treated per our protocols set in place with our vets at Primary Care Animal Hospital. 

As a kitten, Polar seemed to never be able to get past these URI infections the way that most kittens do. By 6 months old, we had run all the cultures and tests, tried all the recommended antibiotics as well as natural remedies, and still had no luck. As an adult, Polar never weighed more than 5 lbs. She was so tiny that It made surgery on her nasal cavities nearly impossible because they did not have the instruments small enough. 

Polar soon also presented chronic issues with her knees that we learned were congenital. She underwent a soft tissue surgical procedure for one of them after injuring it by simply being a cat and jumping off the cat tree. We had high hopes that this would improve her gait, but unfortunately the repair did not hold. 

Polar was a gentle sweet soul… forever a shoulder kitty who slept by my head every night on my pillow. She was adorable, beautiful, and everyone who met her loved her despite her being broken.

In January 2018, I noticed she did not seem herself. She seemed to be struggling and we got her to the vet right away. She was admitted to the hospital and within just hours, my sweet baby girl was gone. The infection that we believed lived in her nasal cavities had made its way to her brain. It happened so quickly that we were left in shock. 

Polar didn’t have a long life, but she had good one. She was loved and cared for and had a forever home with us. She was a special soul that touched the hearts of everyone. 

I was devastated the day she left this earth. I knew in my heart that the best way to honor this sweet girl and others who had come before her and those to come after would be to create a safe haven for them. We consider all our little angels to be adoptable, and until they are, or until they leave us, we are there for them. And they will be loved… in a house of broken cookies. 

House of Broken Cookies is our way of forever honoring Polar and all the other Broken souls who have crossed our path and all the others in need of love and a chance.