Wilbur (lovable, gentle, playful)

DOB 04/03/2021

Wilbur is funny, handsome, playful and lovable when he gets to know you. He is a pretty special guy. Wilbur gets along with other kitty’s and likes having a playmate but he is also very good at cat naps and cuddles!

Wilbur has a spinal abnormality that is congenital. There isn’t anything to be done and as the specialist said “he’s perfect just the way he is”. Wilbur has always been healthy and full of energy. He taught himself how to walk and nothing slows him down! He will need some accommodations just to make things a little easier now and in the future but he has a heart of gold and is more than worth any extra he might need.

Wilbur gets around very well, we provide cat trees to get up and down and he can manage a couple steps but would do best in a home that is level/one story. He is good with people although a little shy until he gets to know you.

Accommodations – A few sturdy cat trees and litter box that is a little lower in the front, but other than that he’s just a regular guy.

Wilbur would love to be adopted into a home with another kitty close to his age so he will have a playmate and someone to keep him company when his humans are away. He also has a few friends that are available for adoption as well if your looking for a pair.


Prior to adoption, all cats have the following services: *Spay or Neuter *3 in 1 Vaccination *De-wormed *Treated for fleas *Tested for FIV/FELV *Micro-Chipped